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BC Forest Professional Magazine Highlights Local Foresters

Greenwood and Midway, B.C. – The Association of BC Forest Professionals (ABCFP) released their Fall 2022 magazine which features a story about the work of foresters from the West Boundary Community Forest (WBCF) and their efforts to bring forestry education to local school children and the general public.

In the BC Forest Professional magazine’s Fall 2022 edition, local Registered Professional Forester and WBCF Forest Manager Dan Macmaster has a featured article sharing how the local community forest in the Boundary region is taking the lead in forestry education.

The article focuses on the gaps in education when it comes to forestry, as well as the various initiatives the WBCF has been undertaking in order to fill these gaps. From inviting community members for tours of the forest to establishing an Outdoor Education Centre, the Community Forest has made a big effort to bring local students into the forest to learn about the diversity of the nature surrounding them and the opportunities for future careers in the forestry sector.

“Forestry education takes time, money, and creativity in how you reach out and connect with people. As forest professionals, we are often managing many different responsibilities and competing demands that leave little room for educational outreach,” writes Macmaster.

“I believe if we can reorganize some of our priorities and enlist the help of other forest professionals and educators, then communication and collaboration specific to forestry education will better inform our communities and our next generation.”

The BC Forest Professionals magazine covers current forest management issues together with latest news and information and has a circulation of 5,300 magazines distributed quarterly to Registered Professional Foresters, Registered Forest Technologists, and many other interested stakeholders.

To read the complete article, visit: BC Forest Professional Fall 2022

WBCF is grateful for the opportunity to share about the efforts for educational outreach in the magazine and hopes to inspire other forest professionals, educators, and communities with what is happening in the Boundary region.

For an interview regarding forestry education, contact:

Dan Macmaster, RPF, Forest Manager

West Boundary Community Forest |


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