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Education Centre


West Boundary Community Forest Outdoor Education Centre is located on Wilgress Lake near Eholt summit between Grand Forks and Greenwood. The property is owned by WBCF.


This 60 acres of private land contains a diverse landscape of forests, wetlands, lakefront, and hiking trails—an ideal location for groups to learn about forestry, and aquatic ecosystems. 


Now Booking for 2023–24 School Year

To inquire about available dates, please contact, Elly Macmaster, Coordinator,
WBCF Wilgress Outdoor Education Centre.

Learning Opportunities

  • all-ages, hands-on instruction about forestry and ecosystems

  • a diversity of flora and fauna—with a variety of tree ages and species—to explore the complexities of a forest ecosystem;

  • access to terrestrial and aquatic environments so learners can study the interactions and transition zones of our local riparian areas;

  • on site hiking, canoeing, cross-country skiing, fishing, orienteering, and outdoor education games


School Field Trip Gallery

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