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Outdoor Education Centre - 2023-23 School Year Visits Wrap up with Tree-planting and Bug Study

Education outside the classroom! 🌱🌱

We had the pleasure of welcoming grade 4-5 students and teacher Andrew McKinley from Perley Elementary in Grand Forks to take part in a tree-planting event held at the Outdoor Education Centre on May 17th, 2023.

This initiative was led by Community Foresters Dan Macmaster and Peter Flett, WBCF Board member, Ross Elliott, and assisted by Jamie Stewart, School District 51 Boundary Outdoor Education Coordinator.

The students spent the day hiking and planting trees around the area, which is public land adjacent to the WBCF Wilgress Outdoor Education Centre. By the end of the day, the students had planted approximately 400 healthy seedlings.

Learning doesn't stop inside four walls! 🌱🪲

West Boundary Community Forest was thrilled to host Kindergarten Classes from Hutton Elementary School at the Outdoor Education Centre.

During the field trip, students were able to study water and terrestrial bugs. We love having kids out to learn about their forest and the role they can play to ensure its protection and growth. They are the future!

Healthy Forests

Healthy Communities


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