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Kettle Valley Watershed Advisory Council Tour

This past fall, we were so pleased to welcome the Kettle Valley Watershed Advisory Council (KVWAC) to take a tour of the West Boundary Community Forest and the Wilgress Outdoor Education Centre.

The KVWAC consists of local government, industry, and community stakeholders which talks about management decisions within the Boundary watershed.

On the tour, Forest Manager Dan Macmaster shared about harvesting techniques, road management, education, and community outreach done by the West Boundary Community Forest. Dan led the group on a field trip to the Outdoor Education Centre to learn about fuel mitigation and proper forest management adjacent to Wilgress Lake.

Macmaster shared more about the expansion of shelter on site for 2024.

"We are looking forward to adding to shelter space for visiting groups such as the Kettle River Watershed Advisory Council, as well as school students, and teachers from across School District #51 in 2024.”


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