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West Boundary Community Forest Inc. is jointly owned by the Village of Midway and City of Greenwood. In addition to preserving local recreation trails, the community forest is used to educate elementary students in forest ecology and train local high school students in forestry.

The West Boundary community forest agreement has an allowable annual cut of 23,000 cubic metres per year and an initial term of 25 years. The agreement area covers about 17,760 hectares around the City of Greenwood and Village of Midway in the Boundary region.

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Our Mission

West Boundary Community Forest is committed to managing a local forested area to maintain a sustainable, economically-viable, healthy and safe forest environment that will provide for the local community. It provides opportunities for education, employment and enjoyment by using approved management techniques and by following the existing laws of the land, adhering to higher-level plans and by respecting and recognizing the rights of other legitimate land users.

“This is a collaborative effort that has grown out of a desire for long-term economic development and employment opportunities, increased self-reliance, and local-level decision making that leads to sustainable forest management.”
— Don Brown, Past President, BC Community Forest Association.