History of our Community Mill

Forestry has been an integral part of the West Boundary region for decades providing resources and jobs for local communities. Vaagen Fibre Canada, located in Midway, BC opened in 2011 in the site of the old Pope & Talbot Mill. The old mill was closed in 2007 when the owner, Pope & Talbot, went bankrupt, leaving about 200 people out of work.  Fox Forest Products purchased the mill in 2008 but it never reopened, largely because of the collapse of the U.S. housing market and the high Canadian dollar.

The location sat idle for three years until a group of local business leaders and community members came together  to save the mill from foreclosure and demolition. They formed a new company, Boundary Sawmill Inc., to buy the mill from Fox Forest Products and pay off its debts. Since then, Boundary Sawmill signed an agreement with American lumber company Vaagen Brothers to purchase and operate the new mill. Vaagen Fibre Canada, a subsidiary of Vaagen Bros. has been operating he Midway mill since Fall of 2011. They employs approximately ## people in the mill and another ## indirectly through logging, and hauling.

To date, harvest permits in West Boundary Community Forest has provided approximately ?### ?cubic metres of fibre to Vaagen Fibre Canada for the operation of the mill. Logs harvested from the community forest are also traded to Interfor, Grand Forks, Lindquist, in Greenwood and Son Ranch, north of Greenwood.   

Source: Osoyoos Times, September 22, 2011.

First load into yard.jpg

First load to the Midway mill

August 15, 2011 - Mark Sabo drove the truck that brought the first load of logs into the Midway mill yard under Vaagen Fibre Canada operation.  The logs came off Son Ranch north of Greenwood.